Cap'n Kickflip poster
Poster created for a skateboard themed small press publication, featuring work by multiple creators.
May, 2018
Emmeline Pankhurst poster
A poster design to celebrate International Women's day, featuring Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British Suffragette movement.
March, 2018
February, 2018
Inktober 2017
On Instagram, for 2017's Inktober I decided to use 'horror' as a theme. Most of these drawings were less than 10cm wide. Scroll down to see them individually.
November, 2017
Bulletproof Chicken
Pinup illustration for comic 'Bulletproof Chicken' by Chicago based publishers King Bone Press
September, 2017
Captain Candy logo design
Character/logo design for an online sweet company
January, 2018
Orc warrior
January, 2018
Body Building illustration
Personal project
January, 2018
E4 E Stings 2015 Llama Karma
Collaborative piece for entry into the E4 Stings contest 2015, animation by Andrew Jennings, using vector illustrations by me.
October, 2015
Storyboard for Mattessons Call of Duty campaign
Storyboards for Mattesson's Call of Duty promotional campaign
January, 2018
Grail storyboard
Storyboard created for film 'Grail' written by Tim WIldgoose
January, 2018
Storyboard for IAMS pet food
Storyboard for IAMS pet food, 'I am' campaign
January, 2018
Storyboard for Toyota Hybrid
January, 2018
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson poster produced for Shape & Situate Zine- Posters of Inspirational Women in Europe
January, 2018
Wallpaper design for Frankie Boyle's American Autopsy
Wallpaper design for use on background set on TV show 'Frankie Boyle's American Autopsy'. The first image shown is the finalised design, and the images following were WIP.
January, 2018
Pampers pop up mock up
January, 2018
Remain Campaign
Tattoo designs for a pop-up tattoo parlour in Soho, London, highlighting the issues faced by the approaching possibility of Brexit.
January, 2018
British Gas illustrations
Illustrations for British Gas 'Wonder of the Week' posted on their social media sites.
January, 2018
Mr Kipling Cake-away
Design and customisation of bicycle and helmet in Mr. Kipling branding, for Mr. Kipling promotion
January, 2018
Baby Yum Yums character designs
Character designs for Baby Yum Yums, a baby food company
January, 2018
Rekorderlig Winter Forest bar
Mockup and design for an indoor Winter Forest bar, where visitors would be able to experience a Swedish winter forest, and sample various Swedish dishes and flavours of Rekorderlig Cider.
January, 2018
Aunt Bessie's product sampler mock up
January, 2018
Anchor Neil Armstrong
Celebrating Neil Armstrong's birthday, image created for Anchor Butter's Twitter feed
January, 2018
Chelsea case concept drawing
Design for promotional case sent to potential investors in Chelsea Football Club
January, 2018
Design for Cravendale Epic Straws
Design of three sets of themed connecting straws, available through purchase of Cravendale milk. I designed the layouts of each set, including the graphics and instructions for building the set, and supplied the manufacturers with specs for the straws and connectors themselves. I also assisted with the stop frame animation, with Denis Bodart, Max Clarke, Sam Wilkie and Ben Stapleton.
January, 2018
Monkey's Emporium logo design
Logo based on the original Masters of the Universe toyline, created for vintage toy shop in Camden, London
January, 2018
Paul O'Grady show portraits
January, 2018
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